Monday, January 9, 2012

My visit to Rajbhavan.

I went to Rajbhavan with Yogitha ,thatha,shamala paati and chinna paati.We had a lots of fun.
 The rooms had big chandeliers ful of light.I was feeling that I was the president.
I went through a under ground tunnel, it was fun.
My mother said people who cook used to take the food through the tunnel.    


  1. thats wonderful kavya...add some picture if u can

  2. That's cool kavya .would love to see a picture of the tunnel, the rooms . post some pictures please :)

    love ,
    Arthi chitti

  3. Hi Kavya

    Hope you had a good time at Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Could you take some photos as well?

    Good job. Keep writing.